Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota - Frequently Asked Questions

1How often does FMAM meet?
The membership meets quarterly on the 2nd Wednesday of March, June, September, and December. Meetings are held at 1pm for an hour of education followed by the business meeting. There is also time for networking with peers. The March meeting is the annual meeting where there is 4 hours of education followed by elections and the business meeting.
2Where are the FMAM meetings held?
We consider New Brighton Fire Station our “home base” however meetings often move around to other fire stations or to locations associated with the educational program. Become a member today to receive meeting notices. The most common membership type costs $40 annually.
3What is the make-up of the FMAM membership?
Our members consist of public educators, investigators, inspectors, fire marshals, and private industry partners. Become a member today to receive meeting notices. The most common membership type costs $40 annually.
4Is the State Fire Marshal’s Office involved in FMAM?
FMAM is very fortunate to have the SFMO support. They often have staff on our board and regularly attend meetings. We also cosponsor the Minnesota Fire Marshals Conference since 2019.
5Why should I join FMAM?
This is a question we ask all of our interviewees in the quarterly Post Indicator. The answers vary for each person but education (both from the education session and the business meeting updates) and networking tend to be the top two reasons. The networking becomes especially important for those who are newer to this work or have a smaller network within their jurisdiction.
6How do I get involved?
There are ways to participate in FMAM whether you want join the board or support in another way there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with FMAM. Here is a short list of possibilities: fire code committee, another construction code committee, fire prevention day at the MN state fair, legislative committee, website updates, educational committee for quarterly meetings, conference committee, and certification board representative. Contact the president Angie Wiese at if you are interested.