Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota - Our History

Our History:

FMAM was formed in the mid-1970s by a handful of local fire marshals as a way of networking ideas for effective fire prevention efforts. FMAM is a chapter of two international organizations: the International Code Council and the International Fire Marshals Association. Visitors can access the web-sites of those organizations by clicking on their logos to the right.


Benjamin Franklin - Firefighter

History of Fire Prevention: 

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”
– Benjamin Franklin, Volunteer Fire Fighter

Benjamin Franklin must have been thinking about us when he made the above famous quote about prevention. Although the fire service as a whole receives well deserved praise for heroic efforts in the face of imminent danger, in actuality, the damage is done and most lives are lost before any emergency vehicles arrive. It’s much better to prevent the problem from ever happening. This site is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the fire service who have saved untold thousands of lives without Medals of Valor and the related fanfare. You won’t read their names in the paper or see them getting awards from the City Council but they’re heroes just the same. They are the men and women of the Fire Prevention Bureau. They save lives and property by planning ahead, teaching fire safety and enforcing codes.