Fire Marshals Association of Minnesota - Code Enforcement

Codes: The state of Minnesota uses the Minnesota State Building Code and the Minnesota State Fire Code. Those codes are based off of the International Building and Fire codes, respectively. A free online version and options to purchase those codes can be found on the International Code Council's website. Minnesota is currently on the 2020 state codes, which pull from the 2018 international codes. 

The state codes also reference National Fire Protection Association's standards. It is important to know which parts of the standards are referenced, if not the entire document, as well as which year of each standard is referenced (which can be found in the References Standards chapter at the back of the State Fire Code). A free online version and options to purchase those standards can be found on NFSA's website


Enforcement: The Authority Having Jurisdiction in any respective location is responsible for enforcing the codes above. That may be the city, county, state, or another governing body. The State Fire Marshal Division offers guideline checklists for different occupancy types to assist inspectors and provide a solid staring point. They also provide educational fact sheets for different fire-related topics that can help inform the public and prevent fires.